Our Story

The most fulfilling way to open up the world to me has always been with my hands first. Via various turns my way led me away from Berlin to Halle Saale, where I not only started studying again, but also became self-employed in 2016. What a journey! Always with me and the source of my energy, love and craftsmanship, my two dogs Max and Tula. Everything I do, I do for them. Every product I make, I also use myself, because an artist knows her work! It all started with an almost endless search for dog tags that would meet my aesthetic and quality requirements. Back then impossible. So do it yourself! I founded PINESANDBONES in 2016, officially opened a few months later, at the beginning of 2017, fulfilling a little life dream that I didn't really know I had. But there is nothing better than to follow the journeys my products go on and the stories they tell. With your purchase at PINESANDBONES you support my dream of independence and self-empowerment in a globalized world of mass production. You give me the opportunity to grow and to learn what would probably not have been possible without you. Thank you for that! Melanie


Our Values


The love that lies in every detail, in every additional work step that leads to the finished product, requires much time and experience. They are necessary to pass on a unique piece of our history to you. We pay great attention to the careful handling of our materials. Every single working step is in our hands, is subject to our control so we can also guarantee the quality of our products. Leather is not an undemanding material, but it is fascinating, because it grows with its wearer and becomes one with him/her. At PINESANDBONES we only use high-quality materials, preferably natural, untreated, of course. We are always looking for new ideas to offer you a unique product that stands out from the crowd. When you purchase a product from us, you support honest craftsmanship, experience and enable us to continue learning and growing.

Our Philosophy


Abundance is something that only exists in "supernatural paradise". But my paradise is here on our beautiful Earth. It is the many small parts that grow together into a big whole. I am of the opinion that everyone and everything plays an important role, which exactly is not always clearly recognizable. Based on the idea to work only with natural materials, which ideally remain untreated or whose further processing is in our hands and which are recyclable, we do not want to become part of the consumption problem, but we want to work as resource-saving and enlightening as possible. Perhaps we can even make a small contribution to a more conscious use of resources and their appreciation and added value, and pass on our dreams of a fair world. A first step: Support the craft, the small businesses! Stay local, stay fair and only buy the things you really need.

Give back-do good

Our Mission

We see ourselves in the obligation to give something back! To all those who support animal or nature conservation, social projects, life in need. Because we represent the opinion that every life is valuable. With every purchased article on our website you support our ambitions and donate 0,50 € per article to current projects! The first association of our choice is dedicated to the rescue and mediation of street dogs from all over Europe. We feel explicitly connected to the Merseburg Animal Welfare Association, because our dog Tula found her way to us when she came here from [Romania.So]( we also know first hand about the commitment of the volunteers and operators of the association, as well as the constant fight for its existence. In March 2020 we sent the first collected donation of 50€ and spent one day in April in the shelter to bring collars and leashes and to take pictures of the dogs for the shelter. You can read more about this on our blog. For April 2020, we have chosen the Greek NGO Stand by me Lesvos, which is dedicated to securing the supply of refugees on Lesvos. In the current Corona crisis the camps are left to themselves and everything is in short supply. We hope to make a small contribution with our action to support the improvement on the spot and thus perhaps help to prevent a catastrophic spread of the corona virus. Save 10% with the code Standbyme and we donate an additional 10% to Lesvos.

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  • Voraussichtlich März 2020