I spent the first Saturday of April at the animal protection organization Merseburg Querfurt e.V. to take pictures of the dogs for the agency. In my luggage I had some collars, partly sorted out from my dogs, partly made with the help of your orders. The Tierschutzverein Merseburg Querfurt e.V. is the association where we found our very own dog Tula almost 3 years ago and to which we donated together with you. Why do we appreciate this association so much? The dogs have several beautiful enclosures with a playground made of straw. There are sheds and huts as retreats everywhere, trees offer shade and in the main enclosure there is a big tub which also invites the dogs to cool down. If it can be avoided, no dog has to live alone in a kennel. The association is located in Idylliscch on the outskirts of Merseburg, but this means that the dogs have very little contact with our everyday urban noises. In the immediate surroundings there are fields where you can walk and get to know each other.

Due to the current Corona crisis, the club was only accommodating very few dogs at the time of my visit. The borders were closed and further animals could not be transported to Germany.

But Merseburg has contacts all over Europe. Often the dogs come from Eastern Europe, but also from Greece or Spain. Sometimes they also take in animals whose owners have passed away. The little dachshund, for example, came with his approx. 10 years of age via another animal protection agency to a couple in Germany, but after a short time there was no place for him at their home any more. Now he is waiting in Merseburg for a loving home with a cuddly bed.

The association is supported by volunteers, who not only take care of the animals on weekends or help to make the playground and current location as attractive as possible.
If you come from central Germany the distance is not that far. Merseburg is not far away from Halle and can be reached quickly from all directions. So if you want to visit the association, there is always someone available for you. The best thing is to make an appointment for your visit and bring enough time to get to know all these dear dogs a little bit.

More informations about the Shelter in Merseburg can be found on their Facebook or Webseite.

In addition to self-collected collars and harnesses, your orders from September 2019 to March 2020 brought together 50€, a long line , a short leash and 5 collars that we made especially for the from your orders for the Association. I very much hope that my small effort will be or has contributed to the dogs' quick adoption, because each of these dear creatures deserves its own personal happiness. I can only warmly recommend you to become active yourselves and to support a club in your area in some way. This will not have been the last PINESANDBONES SHELTER DAY.

Take care, yours M.