Walk & Talk Series with @Ohmydaringclementine

Instagram is a place of inspiration. Creative minds, dog lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers gather here. With the Walk & Talk series we would like to introduce you to some of these wonderful people and their four-legged friends and invite you on a virtual get-to-know-you walk.

Next up are Jess and Clem, the great duo behind @ohmydaringclementine and part of our Brand Ambassadors 2019/20.

╳ Jess, if we could meet anywhere, where would you take us?

❍ I would love to take you to the Scottish Highlands

╳ What makes this place special for a walk or hike?

❍ It’s our favourite place, the landscapes are beautiful, rugged and very remote, we would love to move there one day

╳ Whats your favorite exercise/activity with your dog?

❍ For sure, hiking is our favourite. But we would love to do more water sports with Clem

╳ How do you choose what gear is best for your activity?

❍ We tend to choose gear for the day based on the weather (it rains a lot here). If Clem is swimming, we always make sure to bring a towel


╳ Tell us a bit about Clems breed and how you decided on the breed?

❍ Clem is a golden retriever, but unlike the big white fluffy ones you see, she has working lines in her so she is more dark coloured, and has a much more athletic shape. Unlike most retrievers, she isn’t that keen on people and has always been like that, but with us she is the most affectionate little girl

╳ You already owned a pup before bringing Clem home, right? Have you always wanted a a dog and why did you choose to add a second one to your family?

❍ Yes! We’ve always loved dogs and Yogi our other dog is 11 this year. My parents always had lots of dogs, so when I moved out at 19, I got a dog of my own. When we bought our house, we decided we would get another dog. We decided a gentle giant like Clem would be well suited to Yogi as he is reactive. She just lets him get in with being a grump

╳ What makes your relationship so special? And what is it, that you love and hate the most about your pup?

❍ never knew what a heart dog was before I got Clem. I’ve had many dogs before, but Clem is very special. I suffer with my mental health, and I feel as though Clem understands this side of me better than any other dog I’ve been around, and most people. I love that she is super gentle and loving, but she can be a little fiend around food, she is a greedy girl! Counter surfing is her favourite activity!

╳ What is your dogs deficit or what training goals do you have for the future?

❍ Clem is actually pretty well behaved and we took her to training classes from an early age. However, Clem has had some issues with nervousness, so our aim is to always build confidence as much as we can. She has already come on leaps and bounds, we are very proud of her.

╳Whats your dogs strength?

❍ Clem is the most amazing natural swimmer, her swimming life started when she fell into a lake, we remember thinking about jumping in, before she got herself out very quickly, since then, she has always known how to swim. It’s very hard getting her out of the water though

╳ 3 words that describe your dog/ your relationship?

❍ energetic, gentle, foodie

╳If anything is possible, what does a perfect day with your dog look like?

❍ The perfect day with Clem would be to go on a sunrise hike, set up and eat breakfast in the mountains somewhere, and then swimming later on. We really want to try SUP with Clem

╳ How would you describe your photography style and is there something you want to achieve photography wise?

❍ I like to think my photography style is one that evokes feelings in people, it’s one reason that I love sharing candid shots as I feel the best photography shows the real relationship you have. I’m always trying to improve in new ways. For more posed shots, I’d love to get more creative in the future!

╳ What made you work with us? Whats your favorite item from PnB and why/ or whats your favorite Collection?

❍The web design and Instagram feed of Pines and Bones feels like a very ME vibe. I can really appreciate an excellent online presence. On top of that, the gear at Pines and Bones is super beautiful and quality. My favourite collection is the vagabond collection, I love the twists in the leather. My custom vagabond choker is amazing. I am so proud to be part of the team and you are just the best to work with.

╳ 3 Words that describe Pinesandbones for you?

❍ Unique, beautiful and quality

╳ When you were a kid, what did you always wanted to be as a grown up?

❍ Ah! Good question. The answer is lots of things. I could never make my mind up. I wanted to be a vet (until I realised I would have to tell people I would have to put their pets to sleep), a cowboy (until I realised that 1) I wasn’t a boy and 2) cows smell) and a pilot (until I realised I hated flying). But I always wanted a job I would love that wasn’t about the money.

Behind the camera:

Jess, 29

Location: Liverpool, UK

Profession: Chemist

Many thanks to Jess and Clem, for our walk together in the virtual world. I hope very much that one day you will be able to show us your favourite walks in Scotland and your surroundings. Very personal and up close!

On their adventures, big and small, you can follow them on Instagram @ohmydaringclementine