Walk & Talk Series with @Popsyjourney

Instagram is a place of inspiration. Creative minds, dog lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers gather here. With the Walk & Talk series we would like to introduce you to some of these wonderful people and their four-legged friends and invite you on a virtual get-to-know-you walk.

First up are Sandra and Popsy, the great duo behind @popsyjourney and part of our Brand Ambassadors 2019/20.

╳ Sandra, if we could meet anywhere, where would you take us?

❍ Lofoten and Vesterålen. Never been there, but I want to so bad!!!

╳ What makes this place special for a walk?

❍ If you have seen photos of Lofoten, well there's your answer. If you haven't seen Lofoten, you should Google it, it's AMAZING!

╳ Whats your favorite exercise/activity with your dog?

❍Hiking for sure!

╳ How do you choose what gear is best for your activity?

❍ Lenght of the hike and where we are hiking. And I have to think about the weather because Popsy gets cold easily.


╳ Tell us a bit about the breed, she is quite special in Norway isn’t she?

❍ Popsy is a Podenco Andaluze mix, so pretty rare in Norway yes. Podencos are a Spanish hunting breed. They hunt rabbits mostly, but the big ones also hunt boar and deer. Podencos are shy creatures, but when they get to know you, you get endless of love. So much love. They have sweet a persona. Such gentle souls. And highly majestic posture. But they aren't for everyone, as they are a hunting breed they have a LOT of prey drive. I was lucky with Popsy and we have also been training since the day she got home.

╳How did you find to your companion? Have you always wanted a dog?

❍ First, yes, I always wanted "animals". And got many too. Horse was my first obsession and over the years I figured that dogs where small horses I couldn't ride but have in my bed instead. Me and my boyfriend got our first dog together 8 years ago, but he became such daddy's boy and I wanted a mama's girl. Haha, so that whats made the decision for a second dog. And I wasn't actually looking for a dog back then, I was just following a bunch of adoption sites and groups on Facebook and one day I saw the cutest puppy ever! She was so small and did I mention cuuuuute! So I kinda desided right then and there that I wanted her and 2 months later she was home.

╳ What makes your relationship so special? And what is it, that you love and hate the most about your pup? Because I know that every dog has both sides, angel and devil :)

❍ We are very close, addicted I would say. Some people have even said we kinda look like each other. She's always with me and that's exactly what I wanted. I love her looks so much, those big ears and her beautiful brown eyes. I love how much she loves me. And I love how smart she is, but not always because she's very resourceful. She can open doors and climb trees, what I have seen, so I bet she can climp anything if she wants to. And she has found her way into the garbage bin several times. And she has a small amount of prey drive, but noting I can't handle. Other than that she's an angle.

╳ What is your dogs deficit or what training goals do you have for the future?

❍ I have been wanting to start with blood tracking. Because that's where her roots lie.

╳Whats your dogs strength?


╳If anything is possible, what does a perfect day with your dog look like?

❍ Sunny autumn day, 20°C and hiking in the mountains.

╳ How would you describe your photography style and is there something you want to achieve photography wise?

❍I don't feel like I have a style yet.. it really depends on my mood. But I would love to achieve harmonic and bright photos. I really like moody photos too, but bright photos makes me feel happy.

╳ What made you work with us? Whats your favorite item from PnB and why/ or whats your favorite Collection?

❍First of all, you Melanie are the sweetest person ever, so made it pretty easy when the style is right up ally as well. My favorite item is the Vagabond collar and the Vagabond Collection is my favorite collection!

╳ 3 Words that describe Pinesandbones for you?

❍ Organic,beaitiful,quality

╳ When you were a kid, what did you always wanted to be as a grown up?

❍ I always wanted to become a vet, but the sight of someone just touching a wound makes me so queezy.

Behind the camera:

Sandra, 28

Location: Arendal, Norwegen

Profession: Dogmom & photographer

Vielen herzlichen Dank an Sandra und Popsy, für unseren ersten gemeinsamen Spaziergang in der virtuellen Welt. Ich hoffe sehr das du uns irgendwann mal deine Lieblings Wanderungen in Norwegen zeigen kannst. Ganz persönlich und hautnah!

Auf ihren großen und kleinen Abenteuern könnt ihr den beiden auf Instagram unter@popsyjourneyfolgen!