Robust, untreated

Our cotton rope is robust, extremely hard-wearing and, like all organic materials, recyclable. We obtain our ropes from a German ropemaker and manufacture all products to measure. They are pleasantly strong in your hand, the stronger the rope, the more grip you have. Over time the rope becomes softer, but does not lose its strength. We recommend to wash the leashes and collars made of rope regularly to protect them from greying.

Fullgrain leather

vegetable tanned

Our vegetable tanned leather is tanned according to the old tradition of using the power of leaves and roots, but no harsh chemicals. We receive the leather as a whole Hide, which means that each strap is cut out of the skin by hand for further processing. This way it is in our hands how the finished piece will turn out.

Vegetable tanned leather is firmer than our greased leather and needs the warmth of a neck to become a second skin. A quality feature of this leather is the development of its typical patina. As an organic material it breathes and changes its feel. When we make a product from this leather, we also dye it according to your wishes.

The soft, light skin tone is the natural colour of the leather. For you it can be dyed in cognac, brown or black. The edges are traditionally burnished and smoothed during further processing. In contrast to conventional edge treatment, we focus on using natural resources to produce a compatible, natural product. To keep the soft edges in good condition for as long as possible, we seal them with real beeswax from the beekeeper. Nature+Nature= unhesitating beauty.

Greased leather

mineral tanned

Our chrome tanned greased leather is characterized by its durability and robustness. It lies butter-soft in the hand, a real hand flatterer. All products are cut from a hide and processed in our studio.

The edges of this leather are only bevelled but burnished or sealed. Since it is oiled during the tanning process, it is slightly water-repellent and absorbs less dirt. So your new collar not only gets a rougher look, but also makes a completely different statement!

Our greased leather, unlike the blank leather, retains its color longer. It also darkens slightly, but needs more time to develop a real patina and will never darken as much.