Robust, untreated

Our cotton rope is robust, extremely hard-wearing and, like all organic materials, recyclable. We obtain our ropes from a German ropemaker and manufacture all products to measure. They are pleasantly strong in your hand, the stronger the rope, the more grip you have. Over time the rope becomes softer, but does not lose its strength. We recommend to wash the leashes and collars made of rope regularly to protect them from greying.

Fullgrain leather

vegetable tanned

For all our leathers is used the traditional and most gentle way of tanning; pit tanning. The leather is sourced from a North German tannery we trust, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality and environmentally friendly processes. By using leaves, roots and barks, chemicals can also be completely avoided, which means that in the end a 100% non-toxic product is given to you and your dog.

The hide itself comes from cattle in Central Europe, which is often not the case with leathers from Italy. This not only shortens the transportation of the product, but also ensures that all wages are paid within Europe.

We purchase the leather as a whole hide, which means that each strap is cut out of the hide and processed by us by hand. So it is in our hands how the finished piece will turn out. It is only through the warmth of a neck that each product becomes a second skin and over time each leather develops a typical patina that will tell of your stories.

Edges are traditionally rounded and smoothed during finishing and each strap can be hand dyed in cognac, brown or black as desired. Unlike traditional edge processing, we emphasize using natural resources to create a compatible, natural product. Therefore, to maintain the condition of the soft edges as long as possible, we seal them with real beeswax from the beekeeper. Nature + nature = carefree beauty.

Bridle leather

vegetable tanned

Just like our open-pore fullgrain leather, the bridle leather we work with is vegetable tanned. Here, too, the traditional and gentle method of pit tanning is used. We source the leather from a North German tannery, which allows us to guarantee the highest quality and environmentally friendly processes.

Typical for the bridle leather is the high wax content, which is already added during the tanning process. This makes the leather particularly water and weather resistant.

Our harness leather is extremely sturdy, and can therefore be exposed to high loads. But it needs some time on the neck and in the hand, until it becomes a flexible flatterer.

Visually, the natural bridle leather captivates through the color nuances from a light skin tone to a soft brown. Where the leather is particularly bent, the wax on the surface breaks up slightly to reveal the natural light tone of the hide. Over time, the leather becomes supple and also develops a patina.

The bridle leather is a genuine all-rounder; easier to clean and its unique coloration makes it a real eye-catcher.